№2(5), 2019


Reshaping Governance and Politics in the Digital Era

Angelina Malasenkova, Ilya Lavrov

Twitter Diplomacy as a Tool for Promoting Foreign Policy: UK – Iran Case Study

Irina Tikhonova

Development of E-democracy Concept in Russia

Yulia Lapotnikova

Review of Cyberspace of Germany and Russia and Related Issues

Arina Beliakova, Anna Shibaeva

Mass Media as the Factor of Acquiring Learned Helplessness in the Digital Era

Irina Medvedeva

Agile in Governance

Radmir Gusev

Digitalization in Government and Law Enforcement Bodies

Yuliya Gorelova

E-government in Russia: Practices and Developments

Ekaterina Gruzdeva

Regulation of Digital Space in the Russian Federation

Vadim Kuznetsov

Society 5.0: Japan's innovative governance strategy and its political prospects for the Russian-Japanese relations

Karina Burba

Social Networks as Means of Facilitating Election Strategies in Russia and Abroad: a Comparative Analysis

Angelina Martian

Education System: Challenges to Labor Market in the Era of Digital Economy

Current Issues in Public Policy and Administration

Mikhail Frolov

Russia's Energy Resources as a Foreign Policy Tool: Strengths and Limitations

Anna Dergunova, Kirill Alekseev

Gender Issues in Public and Municipal Administration

Uliana Artemova

Religious Factor in Public Administration in the Arab World (studies of Lebanon and Saudi Arabia)

Elizaveta Khasanova

The Results of Parliamentary Elections in Canada: a Comparative Analysis of the 2015 and 2019 Cases

Ekaterina Sinitskaya

Application of Gestalt Theory and Therapy in Public Policy and Political Communication

European Political Studies

Fabio Coacci

A picture of the 2019 European Parliament elections

Tatiana Zonova

The spread of sovereignism in EU: the Italian case as populist laboratory

Federico Mariano Giuntini

Italian “Yellow-Green Government” and the European Union: a complicated relationship

Lana Bambetova

The Political Communication of German Parties during the European Elections 2019 — Did the Populists Succeed?

Giacomo Voceri

The AfD position, which kind of populism?

Jozef Hrabina

The European Parliament Election in Central Europe: Coping with the rise of the populism